Expensive earrings: when you need to stand out

Not very often, but every woman still has the honor to attend a social occasion, where in addition to the evening gown is necessary and luxurious jewelry. The most relevant jewelry to create an exclusive image are expensive earrings. They shift the emphasis from the dress to the woman herself, forcing her to stride proudly down the hall, head held high. Neither rings, nor necklaces, nor brooches can create the same effect of transformation, so the choice of expensive earrings should be given as much time as possible.

The most luxurious models for many years are gold earrings with diamonds, emeralds and rubies. And it is necessary to clearly understand that these are natural crystals, which were created by nature and minimally treated by man. All synthetic analogues, though they look the same to non-specialists, do not have even a tenth of the value and value inherent in natural gems of the “higher division.

Expensive earrings and a luxurious dress: a win-win mix.

  1. Open shoulders. This dress model is considered the perfect “background” for large earrings. Experiments with the length of the jewelry are very even welcome, so the earrings of exclusive work can easily correct your appearance, hiding what you do not want to flaunt. The length of the neck, the color of the eyes and the shape of the face play a huge role.
  2. A deep neckline. In this case, it is necessary to clearly set priorities and to choose either a massive necklace or designer long earrings. It is considered the height of tastelessness to combine these two categories in one outfit. But the expensive stud earrings with perfect gemstones will suit the image in the best way. And the shape of the poussettes will not matter: you can choose both classic round and intricately shaped. For an evening out, often choose the model of earrings that have one central stone (in tone with the dress), and around it are scattered inflorescences of transparent and sparkling crystals. It is these crystals that give all the depth and expressiveness of the luxurious jewelry.
  3. The eye-catching decoration of the outfit. If the dress sparkles with sequins, then you should not choose too multicolored earrings to it. The exquisite shine of precious metal and transparent crystals will be enough. If the dress has patterns of beads, it is better to choose expensive earrings with pearls. And if the evening gown is luxuriously glittery Swarovski, then the stones in the earrings should match the crystals in shade.
  4. A short cocktail dress. You should not overload the image with overly massive earrings. It is enough to stop at the models of medium length. And if the event is planned in the daytime, then diamonds may also be considered inappropriate. Their time is evening and night, and in natural light they lose half of their attractive qualities, so they can be replaced with expensive earrings, but with other jewelry inserts.
  5. Small black outfit. Here, absolutely any earrings will do, but it is necessary to take into account one important nuance. The earrings must be high-quality, exclusive and expensive. Then they will add the right accent to the image and “tell everything without words.

Fancy diamonds are the perfect jewelry inserts for the gold earrings of premium class. Their shades will satisfy any connoisseur of luxury jewelry. The most “affordable” are considered to be the golden diamonds. One carat of such a crystal is valued at an average of $12,000. At the top of the list of the most expensive colored diamonds are red minerals. Their price for one carat starts from $300,000. One more thing. The brighter and deeper the color of a gem, the higher its value.

What surprises most in expensive earrings

  1. Size. And this refers not so much to the size of the pieces themselves, but rather to the gemstones that are present in the composition. Expensive earrings often impress with their impressive shapes as well as large crystals. Such jewelry is not worn for every day, “walking around” only on especially solemn occasions.
  2. Shapes. The classic is considered to be the option that will be appropriate in any situation and on any occasion. But, to be very frank, such earrings are rarely admired. Yes, one portion of attention to them is definitely ensured, but the second … several times consider the unusual designer earrings, the cost of which is similar to their appearance. Sensation can easily become an expensive earrings in the form of flowers or insects, birds or animals. Young people prefer futurism, giving preference to “not alive” themes.
  3. An unusual combination of enamel, metals and precious stones. Rare diamonds, though they make a perfect ensemble with gold of any shade, often mixed with platinum or silver, which gives them even more style.

The more exclusive the earrings are, the more people will want to approach and talk to their owner. And this is the result is usually planned by those who complement their clothing with expensive earrings, rings or bracelets.