Gold brooch: how and with what to wear

A more versatile jewelry piece than the gold brooch has not yet been invented. Its femininity is wonderfully combined with stylishness and variety of variants. Besides, only gold brooches can be worn in dozens of ways, which enables you to create new images by only one piercing.

So what do stylists recommend to fashionistas to make each outfit “play” with new colors every time? About that further.

A classic pair – a dress and a gold brooch

This variant of the outfit can be considered traditionally classic. And from this its femininity only increases. The desired effect will create a large brooch, which is the main accent in the image. Here are a few recommendations, following which you can create an exclusive composition:

  1. Shirt dress, dress with a triangular neckline, dress-coat. These models can be decorated with a traditional gold brooch, fixing it in the usual place on the side, just above the bust line. This option is absolutely a win-win, so there is no need to be afraid to spoil anything in the outfit.
  2. A dress with a collar. A gold brooch is placed directly on the lapel. If there is a stand-up collar, the best place to attach a brooch is in the middle of the throat. But not all gold brooches will be appropriate in this situation. You should choose cameos, bow-shaped brooches, cabochons or pendant brooches.
  3. A dress with an open bodice, a sundress. Here a gold brooch is placed in the central part of the bodice, thus accentuating the neckline of the dress.
  4. A gold brooch attached to the central part of the chest on the closed part will suit perfectly to an asymmetric dress.

Gold brooch on a blouse: how to pin it correctly

Blouses, shirts and blouses are perfectly combined with brooches made of gold. Fixing jewelry can be either on the left or on the right strip. And to get a more solemn or business attire, you need to choose a place for a brooch on the central part of the neck.

A classic shirt will look great if you pick up special brooches-corner, which are attached to both edges of the collar. The most refined models of triangular brooches are connected by chains of different lengths, which further add exclusivity to the image.

Large gold brooches are not suitable for a romantic image. It is better to opt for small accessories of gold, attaching them to the collar. If the blouse is decorated with a bow on the neck, the brooch can be worn on the chest.

Gold brooches and neck scarves: how to elegantly chip

Romantic natures should pay attention to scarves and neck scarves, which in combination with a gold brooch can turn into a light and airy composition. To achieve the desired effect, you need to tie the scarf in your favorite way, and on the knot to attach a gold jewelry. If you do not want to use classic options, you can thin and light hankies to pin a brooch in any place. Here the main thing to remember is that the more airy the scarf, the more openwork the brooch should be. It is better not to dilute thin fabrics with coarse and big brooches: they will look out of place and will be out of the general image.

Thick scarves look ideally with vintage brooches where the main accent is made on a stone. You can go even further and pass the ends of the scarf in a large brooch, thus fixing the composition. This option can be used even in the fiercest cold weather, tying a warm stole over your coat or coat.

It will be useful to know

Gold brooch can be decorated with any piece of clothing, so you should not forget about headgear. Different berets, hats and even knitted hats look very different when they have a sparkling jewelry on them.

The most daring fashionistas recommend attaching gold brooches to evening handbags, made of suede or velvet. As for everyday handbags, it is better to decorate them with accessories made of textile, ribbons and artificial colors: gold on a dark skin will not always look organically.

“Love” gold brooches and denim, so those who prefer denim pants, skirts and jackets, too, should not forget about the most universal precious jewelry. Torn models of clothing will perfectly decorate gold English pins with or without pendants. And for chiffon and silk clothes it is better to choose gold brooches-flowers or brooches-bows.

You can listen to the offered recommendations, or you can simply listen to your heart. The universality of golden brooches will help to play with any outfit.