Gold chains: what determines the price of precious pleasure

As soon as the decision to buy a gold chain matures, its price immediately comes to the forefront. The price will directly depend on several important parameters, so when choosing a gold chain, you should elaborate on each of them. To ensure that the financial side of the purchase fully met expectations, you should pay attention to the weight of the gold chain, type of weave, presence and number of inserts. By modifying each of the mentioned parameters, it is quite simple to find a great option, which price will not be an unbearable burden for the purchase budget.

Weight of the gold chain

The value of each gram of gold jewelry will have a direct correlation to the level of prices that appear on the gold bullion market, the trend of which in recent years is only increasing. The value of all gold jewelry, respectively, is also increasing, so it is not surprising that by buying gold chains, rings and earrings, you can make a profitable investment, the profitability of which increases every year.Gold chains are more expensive the more their mass. But even the most massive-looking gold chain can be quite reasonably priced. There is nothing strange or suspicious about it, because there is a special technology that allows you to create a hollow gold chain. The cost of such gold items is quite democratic, so they can be bought by the majority of those who wish to buy a gold chain of large weave, even if it is not heavy enough in its weight.

Difficulty of fabrication and price

The price of any gold jewelry piece is made up of two components. These are the price of the starting material and the complexity of manufacturing, so classic gold engagement rings will always be the cheapest, while gold chains (even the simplest) will cost a lot. The price of gold jewelry never depends on the color of the precious metal. Not many people are aware of this fact, and that is why speculations are quite often practiced in the market, where gold of the same standard is sold at a higher price, simply because it supposedly has a different tint. Jewelers can count 88 shades of gold, which are exactly the same, but differ in the alloy. Ligatures are additions of one metal or another to the gold alloy, which cause the gold to take on a yellow, red, pink or white hue.

Only those pieces of jewelry with a different hallmark number make a difference in price. Accordingly, the higher the hallmark, the more gold in the alloy, so these gold chains, pendants and earrings will be the most expensive. The same jewelry, whose fineness is lower, will be more economical and will not devastate the purse to the last bill. Gold jewelry classics are considered to be the 585 carat, but reputable online gold jewelry stores have gold chains 750 carat. Buy rings and earrings with gold 750, it is also possible, but here the range will not be as extensive. Most of the products on the shelves jewelry boutiques 585: it is and white gold, and rose, and all shades of yellow, so if the principal is the exclusive design, then the choice should stop at this sample.

Presence of precious inserts

The incrustation with precious stones allows transforming golden chains, even the simplest weaving, into true masterpieces. It is these exclusive models look especially stylish, so if you want to make an unforgettable purchase, you should pay attention to the gold chains with precious inlays. Such a choice will not be a budget, but those who at least once saw a gold chain, the entire length of which is intertwined with amethysts, will not be able to sleep peacefully. What to say about the diamond inlays. Luxury gold jewelry for the neck at once get the status of a collector’s item, which will help advantageously invest available funds.