Gold wedding rings

Engagement rings are the most famous and recognizable symbol of the union of a man and a woman, husband and wife. Gold engagement rings have a long history, wide distribution and certain customs. And the beginning of the history of gold wedding rings lies in the deserts of North Africa, where on the banks of the fertile river Nile ancient Egyptian civilization emerged.

The shapes of wedding rings represent an unbroken promise of love and devotion, as the circle has neither beginning nor end, so marriage is also associated with infinity.

It is believed that in many cultures of the past the ideas about rings are the same.

There is, however, another theory about the shape of the wedding ring. Many religions believe that marriage is concluded in heaven. Some historians say that an engagement ring represents two halves that come together to form a whole. The ring was a symbol of eternity for the Egyptians and many other ancient cultures, as the ring has no beginning or end, and neither does time.

And the use of gold as a metal for wedding rings was a symbol of a couple’s status in society, thereby emphasizing loyalty and wealth in the couple.

Nowadays, gold wedding rings are used everywhere in all countries and all nations. Nowadays, thanks to the technology of manufacture of wedding rings is possible, any kind of custom. Nowadays classic engagement rings are used less and less frequently and more and more often as an inseparable accessory of a married couple different rings, which can be hardly called wedding rings due to the long established traditions of the kind of a wedding ring.

The main metal for manufacturing wedding rings is gold as this metal is precious, popular, durable, but in our store you can buy wedding rings in platinum, as well as in gold. Why diamonds, because they look more severe and emphasize the seriousness of the family union, in men’s wedding rings diamonds are fixed rarely, or very few, often less than one. In the wedding rings are not fixed colored stones, maybe only while not fixed, although when ordering the rings, jewelers will perform all as the customer wishes, it just does not fit yet as an idea of a product associated with this ceremony.