How do they paint on enamel ?!

Jewelry with enamel is very beautiful jewelry, enamel appeared in ancient Rome. Now jewelry with enamel is more and more in demand among fashionistas. As a jewelry piece with enamel is durable and looks very stylish. And how do you draw on the enamel?

Drawings on enamel are very close to the technique of painting on porcelain. On a very thin and convex plate is applied enamel paints, they are fireproof. The plate is burned more than once, during this treatment the colors change their color, just like when burning the porcelain. The enamel is applied to the front side of the plate in three layers. After each layer is applied, the plate is dried in a desiccator and fired in an oven at temperatures up to 800 degrees Celsius until the enamel is melted and its surface is smooth. To preserve the enamel from possible deformation during the firing process, the back side of the enamel is coated with an enamel layer. In the first stage of painting, the basic colors are applied to the enamel with a thin brush.

In the first stages, the main details of the image and the shadows of the drawing are revealed. Then this is again dried, fired and cold. In the second drawing, some details are revealed, and also the halftones are elaborated and the color scheme is clarified. The drawing on the enamel ends on the second or third stage, if the figure is not complicated, then this procedure lasts in two stages, but if complex with many shades and a variety of colors, then the drawing on the enamel can be up to 7 stages. This very brief review of the process of creating a drawing on enamel, does not reveal all the complexity and laboriousness of making art enamels, this process does not allow creating items with enamel in large quantities. The pattern on the enamel is almost never repeated. Each product is individual. That’s why enamels always were and always will be exclusive kind of art. Jewelry stores offer a wide assortment of gold and silver items with enamel, and they are very beautiful, bright and pleasant.

Nowadays drawing is very popular and not only the ordinary enamel pictures, a lot of people would like to draw skilfully, also many people are interested in graffiti, it’s a very fashionable and beautiful art. If you are interested in graffiti and you would like to know how to learn how to draw graffiti on paper you can learn this site and learn a lot about drawing.