How to choose jewelry for a bride

How to choose jewelry for the bride’s look

Bridal jewelry is the best addition to your magical dress. It’s a proven way to accentuate your beauty and charm. But how do you choose jewelry – those sparkly accessories? Read on.

Wedding Earrings

If you want, the bride can buy large or long earrings of complex design for the wedding. If the bride has a narrow face, candelabra-shaped earrings with gemstone pendants will work well for her. Poussets frame the face: round earrings are good for a bride who has a round face, square earrings for an elongated face.

Should I wear a bracelet or a watch at my wedding?

A bride’s bracelet worn over the glove will make her irresistible. The bride can wear a watch to her wedding, although it’s not a traditional wedding accessory. If you desperately need to keep track of time, it’s best to put a cell phone in your wedding purse-wallet. The phone will help you keep everything under control.

What to decorate the bride’s hair with. Flowers or a tiara?

If the bride’s veil needs to be complemented with jewelry, such as a tiara, discuss this with the hairdresser (wedding stylist) who will be doing the wedding hair. A tiara can be an excellent choice of jewelry for the bride, which can just as well be replaced by a refreshing flower wedding hairstyle jewelry. In some cases, a combination of flowers and a tiara will look perfect in the bride’s hair. Be that as it may, it is better to entrust the choice to a professional wedding stylist.

Jewel colors

The dominant color of the wedding design will help you decide on the choice of precious and semi-precious stones – what color to choose the stone(s) and the setting of the bride’s jewelry. For blue, blue and azure palette will suit sapphire. If yellow or orange prevails in the design of the wedding – gold and amber, green shades – emerald and jade, for pink and lilac tones – a suitable stone amethyst, and so on. It is also important to make sure that the jewelry matches each other.

What wedding jewelry to buy for the bride?

You don’t have to buy every piece of jewelry set, especially if you’re going to wear a vintage heirloom piece. Choose jewelry that has something in common with each other, matching color, cut, stone type, design, etc. Choose jewelry for the wedding that is more modest than the bride’s – the rules of good tone for women who are invited to the wedding.

Custom jewelry

Custom jewelry will allow you to choose jewelry for the bride and her entourage in a unified style. It will save you from hours of looking through showcases and catalogs, but in this case, buy jewelry inexpensive is unlikely to get. Such a way to pick up jewelry will not be cheap for the bride. So think carefully and weigh the pros and cons. After all, in this case, the right to choose jewelry for herself and is left to the bride: after all, it’s her budget and her jewelry.

Ideas for choosing bridal jewelry

Some ideas for how to pick jewelry for the bride seem obvious, but, often only after you’ve heard about them. So, think back to what:

A simple dress pairs well with fine jewelry, giving it added elegance

The collar “under the neck” can serve as the perfect backdrop for a necklace adorned with pendants of large gemstones

The plunging neckline of the wedding dress leaves room for jewels or pearls in several rows.