Jewelry for the bride

The Shrew’s Decoration

When it comes to choosing jewelry, women are extremely picky. And when it comes to wedding jewelry, the choice is complicated many times over. Use these tips to make the right choice with confidence.

Jewelry made of gold, platinum, silver

The noble metal – the wedding dress will perfectly highlight the jewelry made of white gold, platinum and silver. But the yellow gold should not be worn with a classic white dress. By giving preference to jewelry made of precious metals, you will demonstrate excellent taste.

Bride’s stone

Precious stones – will never go out of fashion. Colorless diamonds, blue sapphires, onyxes, topazes are especially popular now. Bridal jewelry with colored stones is fashionable.

Pearls for the wedding

Pearls are the most wedding gemstone. A small pearl necklace is a win-win that will adorn an outfit with a moderate neckline or cocktail dress. Pearls can be pinkish rather than white. The shade should be taken into account when choosing makeup, hair jewelry, the choice of flowers for the bouquet.

Costume jewelry for the bride

Quality jewelry, especially jewelry for the bride with Swarovski stones (Swarovski) will look and in reality and in the photo no worse than jewelry made of precious stones. With a variety of styles, shades, shapes, quality costume jewelry will help to create a stunning image. Jewelry for the hair: for the head (tiaras) and the bride’s hair (a variety of combs and hairpins), neck jewelry (pendants and necklaces), hand jewelry (rings and bracelets) for the bride and fashionable bridesmaids. Such wedding jewelry is easy to buy – thanks to the large selection and affordable prices for costume jewelry (you probably have a favorite online jewelry store in your bookmarks), and if you want you can buy rhinestones separately and make jewelry for the bride yourself – by your own hands.

Engagement ring

A classic for all times – a ring with a single diamond. Rings with an unusual, original design that combine several precious metals and stones are very popular. Individuality will be engraved engagement rings. It remains to decide what to make an engraving – think of a secret phrase that you two can understand.

How to buy bridal jewelry that won’t go out of style

When choosing jewelry for a wedding gown, remember that there are things that will never go out of style:

  • Pearls
  • Diamonds
  • Family jewels
  • Signature jewelry
  • Jewelry costume jewelry
  • Classic jewelry made of gold, platinum and silver

Original bride jewelry

Use original jewelry to create a unique bride’s look. Find your own fitting option!

Silver pieces are very popular: earrings, pendants, rings. Gold – yellow, white and pink colors. Multilayered jewelry made of pearls and Swarovski crystals will decorate the bride’s cleavage zone. Precious and semi-precious stones will add sparkle to the outfit. Designers advise brides to pay attention to combined jewelry – precious metals with fabric, leather, feathers, brooches and bracelets.