Why it is worth ordering jewelry according to individual sketches

Complementing his holiday or everyday image of jewelry, everyone tries to add personality to the outfit. A dress, a shirt or a business suit can be standard-classic, but jewelry “in theme” will at once distinguish its owner from the crowd of corporate workers. Gold, silver and platinum jewelry set accents, add effectiveness and raise the social status of the person in the eyes of others. This pattern has long been mastered by those who are confidently moving up the career ladder, leaving behind dozens of their competitors.

But at the same time jewel jewelry is not the same. If you buy a gold ring, brooch or bracelet of “mass” stamping, then stand out against the background of similar outfits will not work. The jewelry becomes invisible, not giving the desired effect. And here is the time to remember about making jewelry according to individual sketches, which will easily become a necessary point in completing the image.

It is impossible to become original without showing your imagination in your closet. And if only some people have experience in creating jewelry, turning to professionals, you can make all your ideas come true. Not all jewelry companies work with individual orders. This service speaks of the seriousness of the factory and its long-term intentions to stay on the jewelry market. Small shops do not often take complex orders, preferring to stamp out simple and cheap shapes, but larger companies can afford to spend several weeks to make an exclusive engagement ring or a luxurious brooch, thus gaining more credibility among clients.

Sometimes even a huge assortment of jewelry boutiques does not bring a sense of complete satisfaction. In one model some element seems superfluous, in another, as if something is missing. And to make a purchase still no luck. If this situation happens every time when you want to buy a gold or silver jewelry, it’s better to turn to jewelers and have the right jewelry piece made according to the parameters that you need.

The exclusivity of custom-made jewelry is immediately apparent. Gold and silver rings, diamond chains, brooches in the form of flowers and geometric figures – you will not find such a variety in any other jewelry store. All you need is to tell the master your vision of jewelry, and he, who has all the necessary skills, will advise you on the best way to create a particular shape. And then he himself will make it. And all the wishes of the client will be taken into account to the full extent, so after buying “his” bracelet or ring the customer will not have any sense of uncertainty.

The particular value of custom-made jewelry is given by its uniqueness. Client-designed ring or earrings will exist in a single copy, so you won’t have to worry about a second similar set. There just won’t be one.

Given the skills and craftsmanship of modern jewelers, clients can order absolutely any design of jewelry. Masters perfectly know the intricacies of precious metal processing, so there are practically no restrictions in alloys and jewelry inserts. You can order earrings, rings, brooch, bracelet and pendant in the same format. Of course, it is not necessary to wear everything at once, but the alternation of exclusive jewelry will be especially original, especially if you do it every day.

To order, you can make the earrings you liked in the showcase of the online store, but make them larger or, conversely, smaller. The same applies to the ring, bracelet and pendant. Connoisseurs of jewelry trends and connoisseurs of exclusive luxury assert with one voice that jewels made according to individual parameters are better to wear. And there is no wonder because they are made taking into account all of the client’s anatomic parameters. A personalized ring will never fall off or shrink, and an openwork bracelet will always stay in its place. Gold or silver earrings will perfectly fit the size of the lobe, and long models will never lie on the shoulders just because the owner’s neck is shorter than the standard invented by someone.

What are the advantages of custom jewelry orders?

Deciding to take this step is difficult, but those who at least once turned to professional jewelers for help and created their own jewelry according to individual designs are unlikely to ever return to the wholesale jewelry market. The advantages of such an order are not always lying on the surface, but if once you define for yourself the benefits of the purchase, then the question is no longer debatable.

  1. The one and only. Ordering a jewel from a master, at the output the client receives a fully exclusive product. There is no doubt that someone will suddenly have a similar gold ring or silver brooch in the form of a fabulous unicorn.
  2. A complete reflection of the customer’s world-view. Sometimes, leafing through the online catalog, customers come up with the idea that this bracelet could be bought, or these earrings, or that pendant over there. But if only the first had a smoother shape, the second had larger jewelry inlays, and the third had a less massive shape. Such, too individualized details often keep you from making a purchase because they are confusing and don’t give you the feeling of “hitting the target completely.” Individual jewelry production completely excludes such coincidences because jewelers embody all the wishes of their clients as precisely as possible.
  3. Democracy in pricing. It is a misconception that customized jewelry will always be more expensive than those that are mass-produced. It is possible to choose an insanely expensive necklace with dozens of diamonds and copy its design, replacing the diamonds with either muassanites or cubic zirconia. Then the cost of exclusive jewelry will be cut down many times, and the buyer will get a copy that is as close to the original as possible.
  4. A clearly defined budget. It is possible to create a piece of jewelry that won’t exceed the amount allotted for the purchase. There is no use counting on such loyalty in a jewelry store, because price lists are already made taking into consideration the cost price and the markup. Of course, you can bargain, but it is hardly possible to get a big discount.